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November 17, 2016                                                                                                                                                 Lee Poskanzer, 401.301.5337




Directive Communication Systems personal account management service starts partnership program with FundingPro™ and Settlement Pro™ software solutions to deliver a holistic approach for effective estate preparation and administration.


BOSTON, MA and INDEPENDENCE, OH — Directive Communication Systems, Inc. ("DCS"), the leader in digital asset and personal account directives management, is proud to announce a new strategic alliance with Advanced Planning Solutions, LLC ("APS"), the premiere law practice software for managing trust funding and settlement tasks. The partnership will incorporate DCS technology into the APS suite of products to create an efficient way to manage client digital assets and online accounts. 


Together Directive Communication Systems and Advanced Planning Solutions offer law firms a simple and easy method for handling the most critical components of an individual’s estate. Asset identification and protection continues to become more complex with the growth of the Internet. Law firms and practitioners face a new set of challenges and regulations. With DCS’s integration into APS technology, the benefits are twofold: law firms will be able to provide a complete overview of a client’s important accounts and client disposition directives will be clearly displayed.  


“Bringing digital assets into our portfolio of services prepares us for the next generation of estate needs”, said Scott Williams, CEO of Advanced Planning Solutions and founder of Scott A. Williams & Associates law firm. “Our law practitioners turn to us to deliver the most effective tools and best practices to their firms. DCS achieves that goal with a dedicated focus on digital property.”


“We’re excited about this relationship” states Lee Poskanzer, CEO of Directive Communication Systems. “Advanced Planning’s inclusion of DCS services into their software demonstrates their attention to identifying future estate management demands.”


DCS and APS working together creates the latest in legal technology designed to improve law practice and client management.  Trusts and Estates practitioners involved in funding their clients’ trusts will expand their effectiveness in optimizing their clients’ property and estates. Together, DCS and APS will coordinate the development of future Trust and Estates products designed to meet the needs of estate planning and administration.


APS members will receive discounted rates when they incorporate DCS services into their law firm portfolio. DCS firms will received discounted product pricing for FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ software systems. 


About Directive Communication Systems, Inc.

Directive Communication Systems identifies, organizes and continually maintains an individual’s personal account and directives portfolio and handles the notification of disposition instructions when called up. DCS is the effective choice for planning and administration by letting individuals choose who they want to access their most personal and confidential information. DCS complies with legislative regulations and site owner Terms of Service and does not take passwords. DCS knows, even one forgotten account can ruin all you’ve worked for. 


About Advanced Planning Solutions, LLC
Advanced Planning Solutions, LLC is the recognized leader in trust funding and trust settlement software systems designed for the estate planner. Since 1998 APS furnishes industry-leading software tools and training resources to hundreds firms throughout the country. Their FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ integrated software systems fund and settle living trusts efficiently and accurately, making estate plans more effective and firms more profitable.


To learn more, please contact

Lee Poskanzer

Directive Communication Systems


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