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The Win-Win Blueprint

Design estate plans that work and firms to thrive and endure
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
 - Benjamin Franklin

No client spends time and money intending to create an estate plan that doesn't and won't work. Yet that is exactly what many clients are left with after the estate planning process. The legalese looks pretty and fancy on paper, but the plan is often not backed by the essential services needed for the client's plan to work as designed. Most estate plans are never supported with the administrative tasks and services needed to work properly from the start, much less adapt to changes in the law, their finances, or their family. But this is fixable. 

The Win-Win Blueprint™ for estate planning involves custom design tailored to their clients individual needs, the vital asset transfer process to make the plan work, and the routine maintenance and updating to address inevitable changes that impact on the plan's success. While that may sound daunting, a service program focused on plan maintenance makes it easier and more lucrative for the firm to ensure client estate plans work as designed while saving clients money at the same time!

A Win-Win Approach


  • Formal funding and maintenance program makes trust settlement at disability or death much easier, effective, and less costly.


  • Planning for the surviving spouse is so much easier, effective, and less costly.


  • Heir and generational planning are so much easier, effective, and less costly.


  • Firms are stabilized, even grow the essential resources and revenues firms need to make these critical client services feasible.


And best yet, clients save money and headaches because their PLANS WORK AS DESIGNED. 


On the other side of the ledger is the obvious: plans that fail to reach client goals; plans that are empirically more costly and unpleasant by any measure; and firms that lurch from new plan to new plan without the predictability of resources to ensure the future of the firm and client plans that work as intended.  When you put these two strategies side by side, the choice couldn't be clearer.  


Implement The Win-Win Blueprint™


Move promptly and confidently to a relationship-driven practice from an unpredictable transactional approach.


Don't allow the lack of current resources to prevent you from starting the transition. Resources come with and because of the change you make.


Recruit your clients and their advisors to be full partners throughout this worthy endeavor. They want to help.


Commit to updating your clients estate plans routinely and charging reasonably to do so, lowering overall costs in the long run.


Hire and train team members who believe in and dedicate themselves to the win-win blueprint and the firm's purpose as a just and worthy cause.


Go boldly and confidently into a brighter, more rewarding future. built to last.


Service client plans you already have while only taking new clients committed to the winning blueprint (and avoiding clients that won't).


Educate your clients on the risks of unfunded, unmaintained estate plans. Be transparent about the failures of most plans.


Commit to your clients that you will make sure their plan works while your firm thrives and endures to be available when they need you most.


Commit in advance to an advantageous fee structure that rewards and recognizes the value of an updated plan.


***PRIORITY! Acquire the proven FundingPro™ & SettlementPro™ software apps to help your team automate key client services and support estate plans that work.


Sleep better at night.

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