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FundingPro™ transfers assets to all types of trusts entities efficiently and profitably. By transforming cumbersome administrative tasks into productive and profitable client services, you can build a relationship-driven practice that emphasizes routine updating and generational planning, resulting in firm growth based on the simple but uncommon conviction that estate plans should work as designed.


SettlementPro™ efficiently coordinates the complex legal and administrative tasks of death and disability administration in an organized and streamlined software system. The software standardizes your settlement process. Tight integration with FundingPro™ ensures that your clients' estates settled proficiently and economically.

Practice Dreams Come True

FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ are indispensable elements of our formal updating program. From the earliest days of the updating philosophy, it was clear that fast, dependable, and accurate software would be needed to reach our goals. FundingPro™ provides us with both an efficient initial funding system and, even more importantly, an efficient financial updating system. The organized, polished, and professional reports generated by FundingPro™ consistently bring rave reviews from our clients. The integration of client information with SettlementPro™ has greatly improved our workflow, turnaround time, and profitability in our post-mortem practice. Finally, we have been consistently pleased and amazed with the prompt, personalized attention and superior support provided at no additional cost. We give our highest recommendation to both the Advanced Planning Solutions' products and service teams!

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