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Funding and Settlement Training Workshop Recordings

The 2018 Funding and Settlement Workshop streaming was recorded for those who could not attend in person and to train new members. You may purchase the video and audio recordings along with the curriculum materials. Once you have purchased the workshop(s), you will receive the video/audio recordings and all the workshop curriculum materials and handouts. Please allow 1 business day to receive the recordings and the materials.


The two courses cover how to implement successful trust funding and trust settlement services in your estate planning firm using the FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ software systems. Software demonstration is included. The programs are taught by Attorney Scott A. Williams, an experienced estate planner and co-developer of the FundingPro™ and  SettlementPro™ software system. The workshops are designed to train both attorneys and their paralegals. Emphasis is placed on successful and efficient practice systems, software implementation, and concrete instruction on the practical aspects of managing funding and settlement activities. Attendees may enroll for one workshop or both programs. 


Funding Workshop Topics Include:


• Refine your trust funding process to be more efficient and profitable

• Technical legal issues on funding specific assets

• Common malpractice pitfalls to avoid

• How to motivate clients to better assist with the funding process

• How to incorporate funding into a formal maintenance program

• FundingPro™ functionality – maximizing the software’s full potential

• Software demonstration and usage

• How to communicate the value of trust funding to prospective clients

• Strategies to allocate assets in married trusts

• How to motivate clients to provide more detailed funding financial data

• Strategies to secure written funding verification

• Funding Reports – how and when to use them

• Strategies for effective funding meetings


Settlement Workshop Topics Include:


• Step-by-step process for settling estates supported by the new SettlementPro™ software

• Software demonstration and usage

• Common ethical issues that arise in the settlement process and how to avoid ethical violations

• Professionalism in the settlement process

• Settling the disabled client’s estate

• Settling the deceased client’s estate

• Funding subtrusts for married clients after the death of the first spouse in the era of portability

• Strategies for funding beneficiary lifetime trust shares with divided trusteeships

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