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What Users Say


FundingPro has saved us hours and hours of work by systematizing our funding process. We really appreciate the effort that you all have put into the program and the excellent technical support.

James Eagar, Esq.

Legacy Estate Planning, LLC

FundingPro™ is one of the most useful tools that we have invested in for our estate planning practice. Our small investment has created value, not only to our law firm, but also to our valued clients. We are better organized and more efficient in our trust funding process, thanks to the FundingPro™ system!


Steven W. Brown, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Salina, Kansas


I am very impressed with the SettlementPro™ software. At the beginning of a settlement, it gives you the checklists, time sheets and other documents you need to open a file. It walks you through the rest of the process by providing you with logical categories -- complete with sample letters, IRS forms, checklists and questionnaires -- for completing the taxation, asset inventory, asset valuation, accounting and distribution phases of trust administration. It even gives you a system for closing the file. With SettlementPro™, you'll have everything you could possible need in a logical and well-organized system that's also very easy to use.


Gretchen Morris, Esq.
Attorney at Law 
Nationally renowned instructor on trust and estate administration
Corvallis, Oregon

FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ are indispensable elements of our formal updating program. From the earliest days of the updating philosophy, it was clear that fast, dependable, and accurate software would be needed to reach our goals. FundingPro™ provides us with both an efficient initial funding system and, even more importantly, an efficient financial updating system. The organized, polished, and professional reports generated by FundingPro™ consistently bring rave reviews from our clients. The integration of client information with SettlementPro™ has greatly improved our workflow, turnaround time, and profitability in our post-mortem practice. Finally, we have been consistently pleased and amazed with the prompt, personalized attention and superior support provided at no additional cost. I give my highest recommendation to both the Advanced Planning Solutions' products and service teams!


Richard L. Randall, Esq.
Chairman, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys


Anyone who has spent any amount of time trying to fund an estate plan knows that the trust funding process can be difficult, as each financial institution has its own particular forms, procedures, and idiosyncrasies. Prior to FundingPro™, we spent many hours generating the necessary instruction letters and forms for each client and organized asset information on Excel spreadsheets. As our firm grew, we realized that we had outgrown this manual method and looked to FundingPro™ for a solution. 


FundingPro™ provides us the ability to organize asset information in a way that is easy for us to review with our clients. The program streamlined our processes, reducing the number of times we enter information, and populates many of the company forms that are required. The time spent per file has been significantly reduced and our confidence has grown. FundingPro™ provides a useful format for continuing to track asset ownership and values over time as part of our client maintenance program, including a comment section to write notes on each asset. Using the reports that are generated through the program, we are very quickly and easily able to locate nearly any piece of information that we need regarding a client’s assets. Our clients often remark how helpful it is for them to receive regular reports that have all of their financial information in one place.


FundingPro™ has become an essential part of our firm and has given us increased confidence in our funding processes, allowing us to better serve our clients.


Vincent E. Bonazzoli, Esq.

Attorney at Law
Family Estate Planning Law Group
Lynnfield, Massachusetts

We started doing trust funding about the same time that the firm began using FundingPro. It didn’t take much to see how that simple change made a huge difference in our funding process. Drafting documents was faster, access to popular forms was helpful, and the reports looked far better than the excel spreadsheets we had been using. We are a high volume estate planning practice and use FundingPro to grow our business and manage the workflow for many funding cases at once. We couldn't do it without tools like FundingPro and SettlementPro.

As time passed, we were able to learn how to use more of the system as we implemented a very extensive follow up process (because for some reason, one request to fund is never enough!), but using the verification date tracking and comments. Our Trust Administration team is just beginning to implement use of SettlementPro in their everyday workflow.

Going to the FundingPro Training Workshop was very helpful to me in understanding why things were set up the way that they were. FundingPro and SettlementPro can essentially function as a full database for financials with notes, updated values, and maintenance. Our firm does not use it to that extent, but after seeing that I was more comfortable changing certain things within the document templates to have them pull more of what can help our firm with how we use the software-which was a huge time saver as well!

In the years I have been using FundingPro, the team at Advanced Planning Solutions has always been most helpful whenever I had billing questions and worked with me for hours (as long as it took) to figure out some of the software bugs and issues that we have had in the past. Advanced Planning does not just tell you the way that it is going to be - they will always look into issues and if the change will be positive for most of their users, the changes are implemented! It is not very often that a software company can be this responsive to the needs that are always changing in the industry.


Kristi Dennis

Trust Funding Specialist

David Carrier & Associates

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The team at Advanced Planning Solutions performed an excellent job preparing the SettlementPro™ software. I am certain the system will be invaluable in handling trust settlements. The SettlementPro™ software takes some very important steps in the trust settlement process that many attorneys don't even think of. The software is quite user-friendly and will help us perform a much more professional job on our settlements.


Teresa Byrd Morgan, Esq.
Morgan Law Center
Lake City, Florida

Advanced Planning Solutions’ FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ are powerful tools for the estate planner. Not only do we use FundingPro™  and SettlementPro™ in our legal practice, but after an extensive review of the desktop software solutions available, we selected the ProSuite™ as our preferred integration tools for Connect2A™ electronic database service. With the combined power of Connect2A™ and these best of class systems, what used to take hours now takes us minutes to accomplish.


Brian A. Eagle, JD, CEO
Managing Attorney, Indianapolis Office of the Law Firm
Eagle & Fein

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