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About FundingPro™




The FundingPro™ Software System automates and standardizes complex asset transfer tasks to make them profitable and efficient. FundingPro™ transfers assets to various trusts at design and then manages client funding during lifetime, providing an essential framework for an estate plan maintenance program.
FundingPro™ shares data with the SettlementPro™ system to provide valuable integration for death and disability administration, eliminating repetitive and cumbersome case work. When used together to manage estate plans,  FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ are indispensable software tools for relationship-driven firms that plan across generations.

FundingPro™ Features


● Comprehensive and proven funding system

● Asset-tailored transfer process for all asset types
● Detailed transfer instructions, verification, pre-approval of Powers of Attorney

● Company-specific transfer and beneficiary forms

● Professional estate and asset summary reports

● Funding tracking tools and systems

Client funding reviews for your firm's plan maintenance program

● Client data storage for future funding reviews and asset transfers

● Monthly software updates to keep software current and accurate

Integration with SettlementPro™ for post-mortem administration

● Data sharing with SettlementPro™ to eliminate repetitive work

Surviving spouse funding after death of first spouse

● Legal-technical guidelines to train planners and paraprofessionals

● Client funding educational materials

● Marketing kits to promote trust funding services



FundingPro™ has taken the nightmare out of funding trusts! FundingPro™ makes it easy to accomplish detailed funding tasks and manage multiple funding cases at the same time. FundingPro™ also generates reports that make it simple for us to review exactly where we are in the funding process for each client. This thoroughness rewards the confidence our clients and their advisors place in our estate planning services. We have been successfully using FundingPro™ for years and highly endorse it!

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