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About SettlementPro™




The SettlementPro™ Software System facilitates death and disability trust administration. SettlementPro™ coordinates and completes the numerous complex tasks associated with custom trust settlements in a standardized process. Powerful data integration with the FundingPro™ Trust Funding Software System provides seamless and efficient transition from trust funding and plan maintenance to death settlement and successor planning.

SettlementPro™ Features


  • Automate the post-mortem process to make trust administration more productive and profitable

  • Coordinate legal and administrative tasks associated with disability, trust settlement, and post-mortem administration

  • Track asset values and multiple transfers through the death settlement or disability process

  • Standardize settlement procedures, meetings, and office systems so no task is overlooked

  • Transfer assets to credit shelter trusts then trust shares, or to beneficiaries

  • Create client estate reports that trace the asset transfer process for non-tax or taxable trusts

  • Compile asset reports for surviving spouses and beneficiaries in maintenance programs

  • Create internal reports identifying and managing settlement actions and follow up tasks

  • Produce accounting reports to comply with Uniform Trust Code disclosure requirements

  • Generate standardized correspondence to beneficiaries & trustees that comply with Uniform Trust Code notice requirements

  • Create Physician or Disability Panel Certificates to evidence incapacity and change trustees

  • Store client data for future asset transfers on the death of a second spouse

  • Integrate with FundingPro™ to share asset data for post-mortem administration and to avoid repetitive work

  • Supported with detailed help screen content and comprehensive software training videos


I am very impressed with the SettlementPro™ software. At the beginning of a settlement, it gives you the checklists, time sheets, and other documents you need to open a file. It walks you through the rest of the process by providing you with logical categories - complete with sample letters, IRS forms, checklists and questionnaires - for completing taxation, asset inventory, asset valuation, accounting and distribution phases of trust administration. It even gives you a system for closing the file. With SettlementPro™, you have everything you could possible need in a logical and well-organized system that's very easy to use.

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