Trust funding, plan maintenance, and trust settlement are fundamental to effective, reliable estate plans. Without them, estate plans routinely fail to meet their objectives. Information about these essential estate planning services is surprisingly scarce. In fact, clients often never even hear about the importance trust funding, plan maintenance, and routine updating. That's because these tasks are daunting, complex, and can drain firm resources. Too often attorneys don't appreciate how critical these services are to sound and sensible estate planning. We help overcome these hurdles by making vital services attractive to implement and offer.


Since 1998 we have furnished conscientious estate planners with the FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ software systems to facilitate and manage these critical client services. Besides providing software tools to automate and streamline tasks, we supply training and educational resources to build profitable and productive practice systems supporting these services. Estate planners use FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ to help grow their firms and serve client families now and into the next generation.

Trust Funding
Trust Settlement

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