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FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ Pricing
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**Current Members see preferred pricing note below.


New Subscription Enrollment - Up to 5 Users
Site License for up to 5 Users (1-5 Users)

6 Month Orientation Period and Included Services Below


$3595 ProSuite™ Subscription Enrollment
Includes both FundingPro™ & SettlementPro™ Software Systems

New Subscription Renewal - Up to 5 Users
License Renewal Fee Up to 5 Users (1-5 Users)

Monthly subscription fee after 6 Month Orientation Period
Continues Software Subscription and Included Services Below


  $119.95 Per Month for ProSuite™ Renewal
Includes both FundingPro™ & SettlementPro™ Software Systems



Included Member Services


 Bundled trust funding and trust settlement integrated software system

 Unlimited trust funding and trust settlement cases

Subscription site license for up to 5 users (software can be networked)

Free monthly software updates with improvements & form changes

Courtesy software upgrades & new releases at no additional charge

Courtesy software technical support

 Introductory software orientation

Legal knowledge base & educational materials

Firm training materials & online tutorial videos

Reliable and proven trust funding and settlement office procedures

Regular communications to keep you informed

**Current Member Pricing


If you are a current member with a single product subscription (legacy subscription) and now wish to add the other ProSuite product OR you need more software licenses, please contact our sales team for preferred pricing at (800) 300-0431 ext. 1 or


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