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National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys


The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys is the leading single-source provider of education and information services, products, and practical tools.  As a leader in this industry, they empower estate planning professionals to provide superior client service while building prosperous and satisfying professional careers.






DocuBank® is an electronic storage and retrieval service that provides emergency access to clients' advance health care directives. With a DocuBank® membership, your clients' advance directives (HIPAA release, living will, health care power of attorney, and organ donation form) are faxed promptly to hospitals any time, day or night, around the world. DocuBank® can also provide the names and numbers of three emergency contacts and primary care physician.


Your clients' DocuBank® Emergency Card is customized to include your name, firm and phone number right on the card.  Your firm can also include DocuBank® membership renewals as part of your annual maintenance program.


Visit us at or please contact us: to discuss how DocuBank® can enhance your client service and marketing programs.




Directive Communication Systems

Directive Communication Systems, Inc. identifies, organizes and continually maintains an individual’s personal account and directives portfolio and handles the notification of disposition instructions when called up. DCS is the effective choice for planning and administration by letting individuals choose who they want to access their most personal and confidential information. DCS complies with legislative regulations and site owner Terms of Service and does not take passwords. DCS knows, even one forgotten account can ruin all you’ve worked for. 

For further information go to:




Supersuasion Marketing


Supersuasion Marketing is a business development, marketing, public relations and communications company that helps professionals build successful, rewarding practices.  We're well prepared to provide professionals with a wealth of products and services, including such critical areas as: 

--Business development and strategic planning
--Strategic marketing 
--Successful sales strategies 
--Public relations 
--Sales promotion 
--Public presentations 
--Private seminars 
--Networking and referral marketing programs 
--Collaborative marketing programs with financial services firms and estate planning attorneys 
--Collaborative marketing ventures with nonprofit organizations 
--Effective client consultations 

Can Supersuasion Marketing help you realize your professional goals?  Probably!  For more information about how the Supersuasion Marketing team can help you with a wide range of professional support programs and products, visit our web site below.  Or call us at 303-470-8882.


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