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Trust funding and plan maintenance is a growing and much needed component of successful and effective estate planning. Today attorneys and their clients understand that an estate plan is much like a financial plan - it must be reviewed and updated in order to achieve its goals. Change happens in life. The law, families, and finances all evolve. Estate plans that are routinely reviewed attain their desired outcomes. Estate plans that are never revisited almost surely fall short of their original objectives and are frequently much more expensive in the long run. Unfortunately, too few estate plans receive the care and the attention they require. Fortunately, that is changing. Our software tools lead the marketplace in correcting the shortcomings of unfunded plans and insufficient updating.


Visit "The Indisputable Case for Trust Funding and Estate Plan Maintenance" for more information.

Technical FAQ

What are the system requirements?

Microsoft® Windows 10, 8, 7 Microsoft® Word 2003 or higher (WordPerfect® not compatible) HotDocs® Desktop Version 2008 or higher (HotDocs® Player not compatible.)
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How often is the software updated?

The FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ software systems are updated each month with revised forms, software improvements, and bug fixes. These updates help to keep software current and cutting-edge. Updates are provided at no additional charge. New versions are released periodically and are also provided at no additional charge.

How long has Advanced Planning Solutions, LLC been in business and how many people use your software?

Advanced Planning Solutions, LLC has been in business since 1998 providing the industry-leading trust funding and trust settlement software systems. We service individual firms large and small and we are the sole technology provider for members of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, a legendary and innovative organization for the estate planning profession. We are proud to serve hundreds of attorneys, paralegals, and financial advisors throughout the country in a wide variety of settings. Founded by top attorneys and software developers with direct and proven experience in estate planning, Advanced Planning Solutions, LLC has pioneered successful software tools and cutting-edge practice models to meet the needs of full service estate planning firms.

How many users can operate the software?

Software membership includes a site license up to 5 users. For additional users beyond 5, please contact our sales office for pricing.

Yes. The FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ software system(s) can be networked on a server. Instructions for this type of software installation are provided in our installation guide and support videos. Because network configurations are unique, users are responsible for their configuring and supporting their server installations. Refer to our installation and configuration guide for assistance.

Do I need HotDocs® to operate FundingPro™ or SettlementPro™?

Yes. You need to have a desktop version of HotDocs® User, Developer, or Developer LE to operate the FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ software systems. It is a separate purchase. We do not include HotDocs® in the Member subscription because many members already possess the software. Note: HotDocs® Player or Cloud Products are not compatible with FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™. Click Here for HotDocs® sales information.

What version of HotDocs® do I need?

FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ operates on the desktop version of HotDocs® 2008 or higher (HotDocs® Player and Online versions are not compatible). Your version of HotDocs® should match to your Windows operating system and version of Microsoft® Word. Check our HotDocs®/Word Compatibility Chart or the system requirements on the HotDocs® web site. For HotDocs® Sales, contact (801) 615-2201 and for HotDocs® technical assistance contact HotDocs® support at (800) 828-8328.

What training is available?

We produce the most comprehensive knowledge base on trust funding available anywhere. Our technical legal training library and office procedure guides are excellent tools for paralegal and attorney education. Online training videos on software usage and operation are available at your pace and convenience. Once per year, we offer an in-person training workshop (fee required) taught by our company principal, who is an accomplished estate planning attorney. The workshop includes practical instruction and CLE credit.

How is technical support handled?

Technical support is provided at no additional charge. We have an excellent reputation for dependable and responsive service. Members can contact our software support team during business hours by phone at (800) 300-0431 ext. 2 or 3 or by email at Online member technical support videos and online training tutorials available are also 24/7. 

How are new software releases treated?

Our software subscription model includes new software releases at no additional cost. 

Can I operate FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ on a Mac?

We have some Mac users who report operating the FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ successfully using "Parallels" or "Fusion" software, along with Microsoft® Windows and Word. HotDocs® does not directly support operating its software on a Mac since they do not develop or test in the Mac environment. Note that technical issues involving operating FundingPro™ or SettlementPro™ on a Mac or any other Mac-specific matter cannot be supported by the software support team.

How secure is my client information and how is it stored?

Client security is of paramount importance. You are always in control of your client information. Operating our software systems does not involve transmitting or sending any client data or confidential information. Client information is always stored on your local computer/network and is completely controlled by the Member at all times. Your firm has sole access to your client's confidential information. 

Do I download the software from the web or do you ship it on CD?

Because we issue monthly updates to the software systems, we provide installation files for all Members on our Member web sites. Members have access 24/7. Software is not shipped on CD.

Are FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ compatible with WordPerfect®?

No. FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ are compatible only with Microsoft® Word.

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